Prosperity & Abundance 7D Energy Healing Session



Unsure of your next step on your wealth path? Receive guidance and information directly from your Higher Self on your next Money Making Move & healing your money blocks simultaneously. 

This is POWERFUL work

7D Energy can promote physical, emotional, energetic, and spiritual healing, realign the energy body, reactivate your intuitive abilities, raise your vibration, amplify your manifestation practice, and reactivate your cosmic DNA. 

At the end of the energy healing session you will have the opportunity to talk to Bre about what both of you have discovered from your healing session. Bre will share your chakra energy report, messages, blockages, a card pull, and additional homework to ensure you ground into your higher timeline. 

What’s included

  • LIVE Zoom 1 x 80 minute Prosperity & Abundance Energy Healing Session
  • Recording of intuitive guidance & information around your money, finances, & overall life 
  • Hand written channeled Chakra Energy Report [Emailed]
  • Personalized Card Pull
  • 1 Week Integration Support with Bre on Voxer With Homework & Next Steps
  • Uncover & Clear the root to your money blocks across all timelines (including past lives and ancestral healing)
  • Realign the energy body with high-vibrational 7D Ahai prosperity & abundance energy
  • Activate your abundance, prosperity, & wealth codes




$222.00 USD

7D Energy Healing:

The energy healing session given involves a natural “hands-on”  method of energy balancing for the purposes of stress reduction and relaxation. Energy healing is not a State-sponsored form of alternative therapy and an  energy healing session is not a substitute for medical or psychological diagnosis and treatment.  

Energy healing practitioners do not diagnose conditions, nor do they prescribe substances (medications),  prescribe or perform medical treatments, or interfere with the treatment of a licensed medical professional. It is recommended that you see your licensed Primary Care Provider for any physical or psychological ailments you have prior to receiving energy healing.  

For those seeking treatment who are under the age of consent, the energy healing practitioner requires their parent or guardian to attend all sessions, remaining in the treatment room, and to sign this form for them as their guardian.  

Payment of fees (monetary, trade, barter, or any other exchange) for services rendered is an acknowledgment of your satisfaction with the services provided, and hereby release my energy healing Practitioner, Breanna Thompson Bolls, from any liability in regards to any unforeseen adverse effects resulting from my energy healing session.