Next Level CEO - 3 Month Money Healing Package

For the soul-led entrepreneur & business owner who is divinely led to create more impact & income to shift the world into a higher state of consciousness.

After 3 months you will quantum leap to your highest timeline creating the impact & income you desire through your business & life. 

  • 12 weekly deep Prosperity & Abundance 7D Energy  Transformative Healing Sessions
  • Daily Support & Integration Practices to raise your frequency & ground into your higher timeline
  • Personalized Weekly & Daily Embodiment homework to support the higher timeline integration
  • Goal Setting Future Timeline Activation
  • Deep alignment and frequency shifts to each individual (7) chakras

💥The program is for the Divine Led Entrepreneur who is here to put their money where their mouth is, do the work, & make the shifts to alchemize their desires into reality💥


12 Week Break Down

Week 1: Goal & Intention Setting Declaration 

Week 2: Discovering Your Money Story

Week 3: Identifying Your Money Blocks

Week 4: Root Energy Center Intensive

Week 5: Sacral Energy Center Intensive

Week 6: Solar Plexus Energy Center Intensive

Week 7: Heart Energy Center Intensive

Week 8: Throat Energy Center Intensive

Week 9: 3rd Eye Energy Center Intensive

Week 10: Crown Energy Center Intensive 

Week 11: Higher Timeline Quantum Leaping Integration

Week 12: Action Plan & Final Grounding Activation

$999.00 USD

3 monthly payments

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7D Energy Healing:

The energy healing session given involves a natural “hands-on”  method of energy balancing for the purposes of stress reduction and relaxation. Energy healing is not a State-sponsored form of alternative therapy and an  energy healing session is not a substitute for medical or psychological diagnosis and treatment.  

Energy healing practitioners do not diagnose conditions, nor do they prescribe substances (medications),  prescribe or perform medical treatments, or interfere with the treatment of a licensed medical professional. It is recommended that you see your licensed Primary Care Provider for any physical or psychological ailments you have prior to receiving energy healing.  

For those seeking treatment who are under the age of consent, the energy healing practitioner requires their parent or guardian to attend all sessions, remaining in the treatment room, and to sign this form for them as their guardian.  

Payment of fees (monetary, trade, barter, or any other exchange) for services rendered is an acknowledgment of your satisfaction with the services provided, and hereby release my energy healing Practitioner, Breanna Thompson Bolls, from any liability in regards to any unforeseen adverse effects resulting from my energy healing session.