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Ep. 127: Everything You Need To Know About Money Blocks | How to Overcome Money Blocks in Real Life || Find Easy Ways to Clear Money Blocks |

Season #2

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How to Overcome Money Blocks in Real Life || Find Easy Ways to Clear Money Blocks |

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What are Money Blocks? A money block is “anything that holds you back from making the money you want.” They’re sneaky, you dont always notice them & is a repeating pattern that you do over and over again. Limits you from making the money prosperity & wealth you truly desire. They are tricky sometimes because they are stuck in your energetic field -keeping you heavy, & not open to money. Keeping you small, your business not being seen, & not in your selling power.

SIgns of Money Blocks- You have them. Just know that. If you are human, and watching this video, you have them. Your money blocks are developed from your childhood & throughout your early adult years. Your money blocks are wired deep within our subconscious mind & energy systems. Your money blocks can even be traced by and held as trauma in your body from your parents, great grandparents, and so on. Its basically how you have been conditioned and programed to believe about money, abundance, business, selling, yourself. You family has conditioned you, your culture has conditioned you, the media has conditioned you. You have them.

A short few examples are: Afraid of spending money, being a cheap ass for zero reason. Feeling guilty for spending money, clutter in your home or office, procrastination, perfectionism, spending money to feel good, maxed out credit cards, late on payments, fighting in your marriage about money.

How to Clear Money Blocks?? Sounds daunting, but its really not. You simply change your lifestyle, you shift your energy, you heal. You heal your money blocks. You heal your money trauma. You become aware of the money block, you identify the root cause, you heal. You heal your relationship with your money, you heal your relationship with your business, you heal your relationship with yourself & your success. Its the lifestyle of the wealth - true wealth. Its the embodiment of success. Its is quantum leadership. This is how you become a powerful CEO of your company, this is how you use your money to shift the collective consciousness of the world - to leave it a better place than where you found it. This is the beautiful work.


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