Say goodbye to your awkward, stressful relationship with money!


Confidently build wealth with this teacher-specific budgeting system.



The Rich Teacher Budget System

Can you build multiple streams of income on a teacher's salary?

Yaaasss! With The Rich Teacher Budget System.

Do you always feel like you never have enough when you look at your bank account?

Do you believe: “I don’t have enough time or money to…” 

-Start investing and building wealth


-Set up new streams of income

-Create a budget that saves time & stress  

Simply making more money isn’t going to heal your relationship with your finances.

What if, no matter your income, you felt financially confident and at peace?

Living with a sacristy mindset isn’t the solution. 

The Rich Teacher Budget System is!

I’m sharing the EXACT budgeting system I used to set up 12 streams of income and become a millionaire teacher by age 28.

The Rich Teacher Budget System

You get:

  • Step by Step video lessons with Bre to learn and implement her rich teacher budget. ($222.22 Value)
  • Workbook pages to help you heal your financial relationship and start budgeting. ($55.55 Value)
  • Goal setting, manifesting, and mindset bonuses! Go beyond the budget and start building an abundance mindset. ($99 Value)

This system is for you if you:

  • Want to pay your bills in less than TEN MINUTES every month. 

  • Want a customizable budget proven to build teachers more wealth.

  • Want to stop feeling ashamed of your finances and start feeling empowered!

Living on a teacher’s salary can feel like you will always wish you had more time, money, and confidence… but it doesn’t have to be that way!

Bre! This is PERFECT for me.

Hey! I’m Bre. 

Your High-Vibe Teacher Coach

After being let go from my first teaching position because of my Teaching YouTube Channel. My soul was CRUSHED. I was gossiped about, ignored, and ostracized, and fell into a depression that I'd never experienced before.

I realized the importance of not relying on just one job, especially in an industry where the pay can be LOW! I learned that true stability comes from multiple streams of income. 

I began supplementing my teaching income with 12 streams of income, including two real estate properties, cryptocurrency, and starting two businesses, all by the age of 28 while working full-time as an elementary school teacher.

I've learned how to work WITH the energy of money, heal the crap holding me back, and embrace an abundant mindset. 

I'm on a mission to help other teachers do the same! 

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