Last updated February 29, 2024

I Used To Be Just Like You

I was struggling. I was struggle to feel fulfilled in my purpose. I was struggling to feel pleasure in my work. I was struggling just to simply BE.  

I did all the steps society & school told me to do: Graduate high school, go to college, get a good job, and if you're an over achiever.. get a Masters Degree.

I checked all the boxes to deem myself successful in society's eyes.

But something was missing..I felt zero pleasure and fulfillment in my life. I felt constant stress, was living for the weekends, and in survival mode.


The signal was obvious: It was time to birth the business growing inside my heart that I felt called to create & bring into the world. 

This business creation I felt within my heart was BIG & I needed to REALLY step into my power if I was going to birth this very new idea to help people all around the world. My intention was simple: I want to help people create a beautiful life for themselves. 

I knew I was made to create a beautiful life of my dreams by simply being ME. Using my unique money making genius & embodying my inevitable success while being paid, and being paid well for my genius. 

I took myself through a process of healing the money blocks that have been engrained into my system since the moment I was born. I made the decision to reconstruct, rearrange, heal, and see money differently. 

Creating money is the most spiritual & selfless act of service we can give to this world - & ourselves. 

Money is a tool to heal and create beauty on earth. This is how we create massive positive change on this planet - through ourselves & our businesses. 

Creating money is actually... easy. It's a part of you & you already have the answers you're looking for within you. 

Not healing your Money blocks stop you from creating the beautiful life, massive impact, loads of money, & success your soul is yearning to create - & let me tell you.. the yearning never stops until you ACT ON IT-.


Fast forward to now, I am BEING in my purpose. I am a money coach & healer.

I took a massive leap leaving my safe teaching job to pursue my unique methodology of helping people step in & embody their full potential. 

My philosophy with High-Vibe Teaching is helping people understand how to heal themselves through simple energy shifts to open themselves up to their purpose & experience true fulfillment here on earth. 

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