Last updated February 29, 2024

I Used To Be Just Like You

I was struggling. I was struggle to feel fulfilled in my purpose. I was struggling to feel pleasure in my work. I was struggling just to simply BE.  

I did all the steps society & school told me to do: Graduate high school, go to college, get a good job, and if you're an over achiever.. get a Masters Degree.

I checked all the boxes to deem myself successful in society's eyes.

But something was missing..I felt zero pleasure and fulfillment in my life. I felt constant stress, was living for the weekends, and in .urvival mode.

I continued to try new schools, grades, even moving to a new state to feel a sense of fulfillment in my life with teaching which left me feeling frustrated and worn out. 

Fast forward to now, I am BEING in my purpose. I am a healer, teacher, & life coach. I took a massive leap leaving my safe teaching job to pursue my unique methodology of helping people step in & embody their full potential. 

My philosophy with High-Vibe Teaching is helping people understand how to heal themselves through simple energy shifts to ope themselves up to their purpose & experience true fulfillment here on earth. 

Hey! I'm Bre. 

I'm so glad you're here! 

In my first year of teaching, I poured my heart and soul into my classroom and students. I started a Youtube Channel where I intended to help other new teachers how to manage their lives while being new teachers. 
I created and shared my lesson plans, I shared the ups and downs of teaching, and I showed how life really was for a first-year teacher. In return, I was let go & fired from my first teaching position because of my YouTube Channel. My soul was CRUSHED. I was gossiped about, ignored, and ostracized by everyone and fell into a depression that I had never felt before. 
I didn't understand how or why this happened when my heart and soul always had a pure intention of love to help others. Then began my soul awakening journey. I asked the tough questions. I began to dig deep within myself and reconnect with my soul and purpose here on this earth. I saw the lesson this experience had to teach me. I reconnected my relationship with the universe and my intuition, and I started to trust myself again. 
I started to live in my power and share my story with other teachers on YouTube and Instagram. I continued to work in teaching and wanted to give up when I couldn't find a teaching position in 2021 after deciding to move out of my hometown. This is when I took the leap of faith and found a job in Las Vegas teaching social and emotional skills to special ed students. After a couple of months, I knew this position wasn't the perfect fit, and I knew I had to keep listening to my intuition and living in my authentic design of being ME. I let go and healed so much of the crap that held me back. I healed my past traumas around money, teaching, being liked by everyone, perfectionism, and being a people pleaser, and took another leap of faith. 
I decided to take everything I learned through my soul-reawakening journey and manifest my perfect teaching job. In 2022, I manifested and found my dream teaching position. 5th grade at an amazing school with an impactful mission. I now own two real estate rental properties, have 12 streams of income, and own two businesses. I created and manifested my dream life that sets my heart and soul on fire every single morning. I learned that everything in life is a CHOICE, and we have the power over how we view situations that have happened to us. 
Everything is ALWAYS happening FOR US. Everything is a beautiful lesson that our souls choose to experience. Life is beautiful. Life is great. We are powerful infinite beings here to live in our power and shine our radiant light to inspire and empower others. 
We are here to change the world for the better, to make the world a more positive place than how we found it. That is our mission here on earth. 
I am here to teach you the tools, strategies, and resources you need to create the life of your dreams. 


In high school, my mom lost her job, and we didn't have enough money to cover electricity and trash services. I unknowingly created a scarcity mindset and an unsupported relationship with money. I hoarded money, never wanting to release it. And, I had guilt when spending the money I did have.  
I realized the importance of not relying on just one job. I realized that true stability came from multiple sources of income. In order to create 12 streams of income, I had to recreate and heal my relationship with money. 
A big plot twist, I had the deep realization that I wanted to be in education, where we know the pay can be LOW! I have learned how to make my teacher income work for ME by supplementing it with other income streams, including two real estate properties, cryptocurrency, and starting two businesses, all by the age of 28 while working full time as an elementary school teacher.
I've learned how to work with the energy of money, heal the crap holding me back, and embrace an abundant mindset. 
I'm on a mission to help other teachers do the same! My dream is to coach and run High-Vibe Teaching full-time while being a "stay at home" working mamma because I've grown to become a millionaire teacher! I want the same for you, so I'm glad you're here!