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Client Results

Josef  (FFA)

I am glad I met Bre because her work and our 1:1 calls helped me to become more reflective and self-aware so I can break patterns that don’t serve me and create new patterns that will help me achieve my goals.

Adriana (1:1 Money Date)

Before working with bre, I felt Stuck, heavy, fogged. After I felt light, at ease, like a weight had been lifted off of my chest.

Margaret (ENERGY Healing)

I struggled with being indecisive, hesitant, and second guessing myself constantly. I feel more positive about the choices that I have been making and feel more confident about what life has to offer me.

Katrina (ENERGY Healing High-Vibe Vault)

I have tools to use to help me release thoughts and feelings that are keeping me down. I feel more control in my life and ready to take charge instead of waiting for things to happen/come my way.

Shelbi (FFA)

Bre is such an amazing coach, teacher, & healer! I believe she is the reason my business will be so successful! Bre taught me how to build a solid foundation, so my business can thrive

Ghaydaa (ENERGY Healing)

Energy healing is truly life changing, and will help you open up to more opportunities in your life, especially ones that you didn’t know you wanted. Be open and ready to receive

Hi I'm Bre


Bre is a Life Coach, 7D Energy Healer, Teacher, Intuitive, & so much more specializing in money & business energetics. Bre helps you heal on an emotional & spiritual level so that you can step into your power & create your High-Vibe As F*** life. 


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Deep down you feel like you're made for more. You feel you have a BIG mission to create massive positive impact on this planet. You’ve got the passion, skills, and heart, but right now.. the path to get there feels overwhelming…to put it lightly

You want to deeply enjoy your life while creating a beautiful business that helps raise the consciousness of the planet.

You want to experience financial freedom never having to worry about lack of money again. 

You want to wake up living in your purpose & feeling deeply fulfilled connected to your mission here on earth, while making the money you desire. 

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I can’t begin to express the deep transformation that occurred in every aspect of my life

Rebecca Night

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