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Heal your money blocks, step into your full potential, & create the impact the world is needing from you. 

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Feeling disconnected with your money making genius?

Deep down you feel like you're made for more. You feel you have a BIG mission to create massive positive impact on this planet. You’ve got the passion, skills, and heart, but right now.. the path to get there feels overwhelming…to put it lightly

You want to deeply enjoy your life while creating a beautiful business that helps raise the consciousness of the planet.

You want to experience financial freedom never having to worry about lack of money again. 

You want to wake up living in your purpose & feeling deeply fulfilled connected to your mission here on earth, while making the money you desire. 

Breathe. You made it to the right place. Now let's get down to work. 

Healing Your Money Blocks is the Quickest way to create the income you desire & the entire collective benefits from.


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Hi I'm Bre


Bre is a Life Coach, 7D Energy Healer, Teacher, Intuitive, & so much more specializing in money & business energetics. Bre helps you heal on an emotional & spiritual level so that you can step into your power & create your High-Vibe As F*** life. 

After passionatley sharing her life as an elementary school teacher & creating multiple streams of income based on her passions over the years, Bre has seen the importance of living life & creating money in energetic alignment. 

Bre now bridges energetics with money, finances, and business in order to heal the crap holding you back to embodying your full potential. This is the missing piece when creating the impact & income you desire.

Creating wealth isn't just about making a millions of dollars. It's about a lot more than that.

It is about your feminine energy, your mindset, your emotions, your generational patterning, your experiences that have brought you to where you are today that shape who you are and how you responds to what’s around you.

It is only when you bring together the aspects of emotional health with the spiritual health and activating your feminine energy that you truly have wealth in all areas of life.

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The Financial Freedom Money Plan

The 5 Step Money System that allowed me to invest into multiple rental real estate properties & create 12 streams of income to quit my job as an elementary school teacher

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Prosperity & Abundance Energy Healing Guidebook

Learn how Energy Healing will raise your vibration & quantum leap you to prosperity & abundance to create the impact and income your soul desires. 

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I can’t begin to express the deep transformation that occurred in every aspect of my life

Rebecca Night