Last updated February 29, 2024

Healing Your Money Blocks is the Quickest way to create the impact & income you desire.

A note on investing in yourself...

In the last couple years I've invested upwards of $100,000 in my healing, training programs, workshops, retreats, high level coaching, and other forms of transformational modalities. All in the pursuit of preparing myself to do this work. There is nothing I find more important than investing in my own expansion personally and professionally. I do this not only to be the best coach I can be, but also because I believe investing in myself is a beautiful act of self love.


The value that is given in any of my packages & programs are priceless. I can confidently say that the energetic exchange that happens in these offers will drastically shift your life in miraculous ways. 

I truly believe that if any of these programs are for you, you will feel "the full body yes" & feeling the call. I believe we have a soul agreement to work with each other & that is why you are on this page.

If you need help deciding which program is right for you, you can book a 1:1 discovery call or email me at [email protected] to share with me your current struggles, dreams, and desires & figure out what program is right for you.

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I am so happy I chose to work with Bre.

I felt stuck, blocked and just heavy.

After working with her, I feel like she helped open a channel for my mindset and energy to shift. She helped me surrender to forgiveness, trust my intuition and clear blocks I wasn’t even aware I still had.

I now feel like I have clarity for what I desire and deserve. I would definitely recommend working with her.


Prior to working with Bre, societal conditioning was my biggest challenge. Bre helped me start my coaching and speaking business after I left teaching.

I truly needed to understand my presence and what I bring to this world.

It was the most confirming part of the experience being able to identify with the elements of my being.

Now I move with confidence and a clear knowing of who I am & people I am here to help.


Breanna has been a beautiful soul to work with. She inspired me to manifest in ways I have not tried and to not give up the good fight. She reinstated the fact that I am here to be a light, bring love to the world ,and guide those who are open to receiving. -Margaret 


I felt trapped within myself. I felt stuck and unsure of every step I took. I had issues with my friends, family and other relationships in my life. And I wasn’t sure what was causing all this anxiety and uneasiness. After,  I honestly feel like I’m in a new state of mind, perhaps even a new body.

Working with Bre gave me clarity on the issues in my life and ways to help me stay in this constant state of rebirth and positivity. I am so happy I chose to work with Bre.




You are what I call, a heart-led entrepreneur. You are here to help heal the collective with your unique gifts, abilities, while being paid (well) to do so. 
I specialize in helping you heal the blocked limiting emotions, thoughts, & beliefs around money that are being held in your energy system so you can embody and BE the wealthy heart open business owner you dream about. 
One of the biggest lies we have been conditioned to believe is making loads of money is greedy, bad, or wrong. This couldn't be farther from the truth. 
We are now shifting into a new paradigm where heart open and soul led entrepreneurs can create massive change to the lives of many on this planet. 
I believe business & money are the quickest way to heal the collective for the betterment of all. This is an honor and I am so excited to hold the space for you to grow into the heart-led business owner you are born to be.
I'm Ready ✨💸🌹