Last updated February 29, 2024

 Activate Your Wealth Codes

& Create the Business, Money, & Success  Your Soul Desires

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❧ You're Ready  

to take a massive leap forward to FINALLY start the business you've been dreaming about. But not any business, a soul aligned 5D business where your mission is to help people & sell your services with heart led action & energy. 

❧ You've Heard

the saying "Money is just an Energy & Frequency," but you are ready to say yes & embody the frequency of actually BEING money magnet - where money comes to you with ease, flow, and... yes, FUN. 

❧ You Want

to learn how to create money from your unique money making genius creating an additional stream of income & would benefit massively with some coaching on exactly how to do that. 

❧ You Declare

to live a life where you are wealthy in ALL areas, not only your bank account. You create wealth in all areas of your life trailblazing a path of inspiration reaching success in ALL Areas: family, romance, business, leadership, life, work, & money. -All the things-. 


I used to teach elementary school, now I teach on wealth energetics & healing deep rooted money blocks keeping you stuck, stagnate, & dusty.  


I say that with love of course, - you being dusty - But I need you to understand it's my job to call you out when I see you dim your light, limit your success, & give you all the love and praise when you live in your power. 

I went through a deep healing transformation after teaching elementary school for 5 years. Yes, I was a good teacher, my heart was always aligned with helping souls. However... I felt a inner spark there was more opportunity, wealth, & abundance waiting for me.


I had an inner feeling that I was Made For More - I just had to say YES. 


I said yes and traveled on a beautiful healing journey around money, success, abundance, & being a business owner. I embraced the healing, the learning, the grief, the forgiveness, the embodiment, the patience, & activated my wealth codes -living in my own wealth self mastery.  

I had a inner knowing I was made to create more impact with my life, more money than what a teaching salary said I could make, & embody true feminine leadership.


Now I am here. 


I said YES to living on my energetic edge. I said YES to the inspired action that lead me HERE. I teach you about money & wealth energetics, I heal & activate you, I guide you to your greatness while creating the nurturing space to support you on your wealth healing journey. 


I don't take this work lightly. I'm A Money Healing Queen.

This is my calling.

This is me living in my Money Genius - Creating more Money, Love, Hope, Inspiration, Soul, Peace, Healing - Organic Richness, Pure Wealth, Elite Integrity & an overflow of abundance. 

This is a Money Making Mastermind

This is the place for spiritual and soul led entrepreneurs learn how to heal their limiting money blocks & step into their FULL wealth and abundance potential.  

  • Learn how to regulate your Nervous system & manifest more wealth and money
  • Start a business based upon your gifts/passions  - make money from what your heart feels called on this earth to do. 
  • Heal your money blocks and create your desired financial reality. 
  • Launch your soul aligned business that creates massive money and positive impact for the whole entire world!
  • Learn how to unlock & embody your Wealth Codes within your DNA while growing your soul aligned business and receive massive compensation.  
I'm Ready To Join


2 LIVE Mastermind Calls a Month

Ask your questions, heal your blocks, gain the insight, & take massive action while you're supported within the mastermind.    

LIVE Business & Money Coaching from BRE

Learn how to start your soul led coaching or personal brand business. If you want to learn how to make more money from a heart, soul, spirit aligned place through an online stream of income. This Mastermind is for you. 

Private Masterclasses

Learn all things - Money, Feminine Energy, Investing, Business Basics, Money Discussion & Wealth Code Activations. 

Special Perks & Offers

Special rates, bonuses, & gifts no one else will receive outside the Mastermind - So Many surprises! 


Private Mastermind Community 

There is power in numbers & connection. Come celebrate your wins & connect with other soul led entrepreneurs while we casually shift the consciousness of the planet. 

A place to plug in connect to soul led online coaches and personal brand owners. This is the PERFECT place to connect and mix with each other, create epic offers and services. Combine forces to make more money! Hell Yeah!! 

On Demand Audio Activations & Powerful Healing Sessions


Daily Money Magic Tips, Inspiration, & Accountability sprinkled into your everyday life.


Money & Abundance Card Pulls & Spiritual Money Magic Teachings 


Challenges & Giveaways



You are what I call, a heart-led entrepreneur. You are here to help heal the collective with your unique genius while being paid (well) to do so. 
I specialize in helping you heal the blocked limiting emotions, thoughts, & beliefs around money that are being held in your energy system. My healing techniques are designed to address the root causes of any money blockages that are holding you back from creating the impact & income you desire in this life time. 


By working with me you will gain the tools, support, and knowledge necessary to create wealth, prosperity, and abundance in your life on all levels: physically, mentally, emotionally, & spiritually. I am committed to helping you unlock your full potential and achieve financial success on your terms. 

I believe business & money are the quickest ways to heal the collective for the betterment of all. This is an honor and I am so excited to hold the space for you to grow into the heart-led business owner you are born to be.

After you join the Mastermind, 

You will gain access to all mastermind links, schedules, & mastermind community group. 

This is the space for you to live on your energetic edge around all things money, spending, investing, selling, & business.

This is an elite club.

It is my job to help you heal your relationship between money & your personal power. 

It is your job to join this mastermind and be willing to learn new ideas about money and healing. Open your heart to your infinite potential and purpose here on earth. 

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Activate Your Wealth Codes

& Create the Business, Money, & Success  Your Soul Desires



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  • Heal your money wounds & Create More Money In Your Business
  • 50% Money & Business Block Sessions
  • Access To Private Mastermind Community
  • 2 Monthly LIVE Zoom Meetings
  • Exclusive Member Perks & Business Opportunities
  • Group Healings & Teaching around Manifesting & Creating More Money in your Life.
  • On Demand Business & Money Coaching 
  • Wealth & Feminine Embodiment Tools & Resources
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